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/ About the Summit

  • Background of the Summit
    The 2nd World Organic Youth Summit brings together young people across the contin ents to discuss and share trends and new opportunities in organic agriculture. It will b e a meeting place for young leaders and organic practitioners to address common ch allenges and future prospects to take the organic sector forward.

  • Supervising Unit: Ministry of Agriculture

  • Organizing Unit: Hualien County

  • Co-organizer: IFOAM-Organics Asia

  • Co-sponsoring Unit: Young Organics-Global Network

  • Implementing Unit: Association of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples’ Development


Taiwanese participants


invited foreign delegates & VIPs

/ Daily Schedule

Wed. September 13th, 2023 

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speeches

/ Session 1 : Special Presentations

/ Session 2 : Special Dialogue with Organic Pioneers


Ramon Uy

Special Adviser, IFOAM-Organics Asia(Philippines)


Miyoshi Satoko

World Board Member, IFOAM-Organics International (Japan)

09:00|Introduction of VIPs

09:05|Message of Welcome

Hsu, Chen-Wei, Mayor of Hualien(Taiwan)

09:15|Message of Greetings

Mathew John, President of IFOAM-Organics Asia (India)

09:25|Congratulatory Messages – Taiwanese VIPs

09:40|Congratulatory Messages

Mayor Rommel Arnado, Municipality of Kauswagan & President of ALGOA


Salvatore Basile, Co-chairperson, Global Alliance of Organic Districts (Italy)


Zamzamin L. Ampatuan, Undersecretary for Regulations and Infrastructure, Department of Agriculture, Philippines(Philippines)

09:50|Keynote Speech: The Role and Responsibilities of Youth in Organic Agriculture

Konrad Hauptfleisch CEO, Starfish Organic (South Africa/Germany)

10:20|Group Photo

10:25|Tea Break

10:40|Understanding Organic Agriculture in Taiwan

The History and Progress of Organic Agriculture in Taiwan
Huang-Tzeng, Chang-ju, Organic Agriculture Ambassador(Taiwan)

Organic Polices in Taiwan

Zhen Dong , Section Chief, Farming and Soil Support Division Agriculture and Food Agency Ministry of Agriculture(Taiwan)


Agricultural Policies for Youth in Taiwan
I-Jen Chen, Deputy Director General of Ministry of Agriculture(Taiwan)

11:40|Government Support Policies for Youth in Organic Agriculture

Elizabeth de LeonAssistant Secretary for Community Participation, Department of the Interior and Local Government (Philippines)

12:00|Public Support Policies for the Involvement of Youth in Organic Agriculture

Vladyslav ZhmailoSenor Policy and Guarantee Coordinator, IFOAM -Organics International (Ukraine/Germany)

12:20|Introduction to ALGOA-Young Elected Officers Network

Javier Benitez, Mayor of Victorias City (Philippines)

12:40|Lunch Break

13:40|My Organic Journey

Shih-Shung Chen, Organic Pioneer Taiwan/Professor of Nanhua University(Taiwan)

14:10|The Myths of Safe Pesticides
Andre Leu, Author, Former President of IFOAM-Organics International(Australia)

/ Session 3 : Best Practices in Organic Agriculture


Prof Huu-Sheng Lur

National Taiwan University(Taiwan)

14:40|Trends and Opportunities in Smart / Digital Applications in Organic Agriculture in Taiwan

Prof Huu-Sheng Lur, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

15:10|Importance of Organic Seeds

David Gould, IFOAM Seeds Platform (USA)

Sompong WoragoolMember, Towards Organic Asia Alliance (Thailand)

15:40|Growing a Livable Future with Organic Urban Agriculture

Matthew Francis Bibeau, owner of PDX Permaculture / Manager of Jean′s

Farm (USA)

16:10|Permaculture for Food Production and Lifestyle

Prof Chiu Yie-Ru, Tzu Chi University(Taiwan)

16:40|Tea Break

/ Session 4 : New Business Opportunities in Organic Agriculture


Ryan Anthony Monang Bestre

Organic Youth Ambassador /Climate Consultant, Asian Development Bank(Philippines)

16:55|Organic Beekeeping: New Opportunities

Mathew John, President of IFOAM-Organics Asia, Founder Director, Keystone Foundation (India)

17:25|Importance of Organic Dairy Farming

Emre Gürdal, Organic Dairy Farmer & Veterinarian (Turkiye)

17:55|End in First Day


Thu. September 14th, 2023

/ Session 5 : Marketing Workshop

/ Session 6 : Ways Forward

/ Session 7 : Closing Ceremony


Ryan Anthony Monang Bestre

Organic Youth Ambassador /Climate Consultant, Asian Development Bank(Philippines)

09:00|Workshop (1) Local Market Development


Sarah Compson, Associate Director, Soil Assoiation(United Kingdom)


Ramon Uy, Special Adviser, IFOAM-Organics Asia(Philippines)
Moon Ji-Young, Hansalim (South Korea)

Indrakheela Madola,Good Market (Sri Lanka)

10:00|Tea Break

10:15|Workshop (2) Access to Foreign Markets


Miyoshi Satoko, World Board Member, IFOAM-Organics International (Japan)


Exporting Spices: The Case of PDS Spices (India)

Jacob Jose, Business Development Manager, PDS Organic Spices

Exporting Organic Tea: The Case of Kazi & Kazi (Bangladesh)
Afra Abreshmi, Senior Executive

The Story of Cold Mountain Organic (India)

Lanuakum Imchen, Founder, Cold Mountain Organic

11:15|Case Studies in Taiwan


Anuradha Ranasinghe, Organic Youth Ambassador / Founder, ABBA Agri Consultancy (Sri Lanka)


Yu En Chung, CEO of MANNA Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)

CHUN-CHI KE, operator of Mapulon farm, Indigenous seed conservation(Taiwan)

Maxine Chen, Marketing Manager, LEEZEN COMPANY LTD. (Taiwan)

12:15|Q & A on Marketing Strategies

Konrad Hauptfleisch Founder, Starfish Organic(South Africa/Germany)


13:45|Organics For All Ages

Sarah Compson, Associate Director, Standards Innovation(United Kingdom)

14:15|Non-food Organic Sector: Organic Textiles and Cosmetics

Miyoshi Satoko, Board Member, IFOAM-Organics International (Japan)

15:15|GMOs and Organic Agriculture

Helene Schmutzler, Policy Coordinator, IFOAM-Organics Europe(Belgium)

15:45|Anti-GMO movements in South Korea

Moon Jae Hyung, Executive Chairperson, National Anti-GMO Movements(South Korea)

16:15|Tea Break

16:30|Opening Remarks

16:35|Message of Thanks & Lessons Learned

By a Foreign Youth Participant

16:45|Message of Thanks & Lessons Learned

By a Taiwanese Youth Participant

16:55|Adoption of the 2nd World Organic Youth Summit Declaration

17:05|Message of Thanks

Mathew John, President of IFOAM-Organics Asia(India)

17:15|Farewell Message

Hsu, Chen-Wei, Mayor of Hualien(Taiwan)


17:25|Group Photo

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